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Our Mission

At the ReJacket Foundation, our mission is to give back to the community through fashion. By creating a platform where anyone can donate their own clothes, as well as purchase donated clothes from the website, we are able to connect both donors and buyers through the love of clothing.

We aim to use this platform and organization to not only provide communities with high-quality clothing for them to wear but also spread the mindset of giving back to our community, expressing kindness, and inspiring others to do so as well. 

心連衫的目的是通過時尚和服裝回饋社會。 通過創建一個平台,任何人都可以捐贈自己的衣服,也可以從網站購買捐贈的衣服,我們能夠通過對衣服的熱愛將捐贈者和買家聯繫起來。


Ethan Lam
Founder & CEO


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