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  • Every person, identified by separate phone number, can order 2 clothing items every month 每個電話號碼每個月可以訂購 2 件衣服

  • 2 random items in the order will be dispersed if more than 2 items are ordered  如果訂購超過 2 件衣物,我們會隨機寄出訂單中的 2 件。

  • Order from the same person over 2 items within a month will be cancelled.  一個月內同一人兩件以上的訂單將被取消。


  • To simplify the initial operation, there is no return service.  為簡化初始操作,我們暫不提供退貨服務。

  • In case the items ordered do not fit, please try to pass them on to someone who will find it useful. 如果訂購的物品不合適,請嘗試將它們傳遞給合適的人。


  • We are only serving community in Hong Kong at the moment.  我們暫時只服務香港家庭。

  • We are using the EC-Get service from Hong Kong Post to send the products to the closest Post Office of your provided address.  我們會使用香港郵政的 EC-Get 服務將產品發送到您提供的地址最近的郵局

  • The selected Post office will be stated in the order confirmation email.  Please inform us by email if you would like to send to a different collection point within 2 days of order confirmation.  所選郵局將在訂單確認電子郵件中說明。如果您想發送到不同的收集點,請在 2 天內通過電子郵件通知我們。

  • Orders will be posted every week.  You can expect to receive the order within 2 weeks.  訂單將每週寄出一次。您可以預期在 2 週內收到貨品。

  • You can also change the collection point after the products arrive at the Post Office depending on the latest Hong Kong Post policy 您也可以根據香港郵政的最新政策,在產品到達郵政局後更改收件點 :

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